NSK Private Joint Stock Company

Beginning of summer exports from Iran

We will help you to grow in the agricultural industry. This complex has a long history in the field of agriculture, horticulture, greenhouse equipped with various mechanized agricultural equipment in the production of citrus and greenhouse products. It is also one of the leading collections in this large industry. The capabilities and achievements that we have achieved since 1975 can be expressed as follows:
NSK International Organization has a large share of global exports with sales representatives in 15 countries.
It is also one of the largest suppliers of agricultural products in Russia, which is specially produced for consumption in this country.

We are an international exporter of vegetables

Export of tomatoes and sweet peppers to Russia
Mission of NSK Company
Over 90 hectares of gardens with more than 80% fertile area
Production of grafted citrus seedlings
More than 30 hectares of land covered by greenhouses
Greenhouse seedling production
Equipped with the most advanced agricultural machinery in the world
Professional and experienced management and executive team
Utilizing the most effective imported methods in plant nutrition and pest control for organic production
Having agricultural mechanization equipment and classification system in 5 different levels, mechanized sorting
International standard packaging
NSK Export Products
We are proud that we have been able to cooperate with big Russian brands and traders and be trusted by international companies in this direction.

With sales representatives in 15 countries, it has gained a large share of global exports

Легкий выход на российский рынок

Один из крупнейших поставщиков сельхозпродукции в России.
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NSK Company is active in various fields including exports, production and industries related to agriculture

Integrated and coordinated management, financial facilities, significant investments, records and brilliant experiences of the company’s member units, which have been achieved as a result of coordinated efforts in long-term planning.

In addition to operating in the field of export and distribution of agricultural inputs, NSK Company has chosen to acquire new knowledge and transfer new technologies in the field of agriculture as one of its strategic goals.

So that now this agriculture and industry has become a symbol of balanced, scientific, efficient development and a model for Iranian farms and greenhouses.

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