Export of Cherry tomatoes to Russia

Export of Cherry tomatoes to Russia

Cherry tomatoes is one of the horticultural products that has sold well in Russia and gained a lot of fans in Russia. Cherry tomatoes after export sorting in the collection of modern green agricultural companies of Keykha by fully automatic laser devices in export packages and with international licenses for transportation of agricultural products and related certificates, send Cherry tomatoes to the leek market We sell Russian bar or the central food city of Russia and we sell Cherry tomatoes of Iranian gardeners directly in the Russian bar. The sale and purchase of horticultural and agricultural products in Iran and Russia is done in bulk and in high tonnage, which increases the speed of return of capital from Russia and provides farmers with legal means and legal methods

Exporting fruit to Russia
With increasing competition in the global economy and international trade, the way goods are exported has become highly sensitive. For this reason, investing in this sector requires knowledge, planning and experience. In addition, the trade laws in each country are usually different from other countries, so mastering the trade laws of the country of origin (Iran) and the destination country (Russia) and learning the principles of trade negotiations is the first step in exports.
Product purchase advice

You can contact us for advice on selling agricultural and horticultural products in the Russian market of Tareh Bar or Food City. Packaging, shipping and direct selling services in Russia for Iranian farmers and gardeners

We always try to provide first-class export facilities and the return of half a dollar to Iranian producers as soon as possible

Prices of agricultural products in Russia

Due to the fact that Russia has no agricultural products for half of the year, it depends on other countries to supply the food it needs, and in terms of price, the price of agricultural products in Russia is higher than other producing countries

Russia is a European country with its own standards for the export of agricultural products, as a result of which there are strict rules for the import of food into this country, and the food consumed in this country must be of high quality, as a result of the price of agricultural products in Russia is also higher than other countries

You are looking to export agricultural products to Russia

If you are looking to export agricultural products to Russia, in addition to paying attention to the legal points, you should also consider other points. These tips include

Choosing the most suitable route for sending agricultural products

Paying attention to international standards for export packaging of products

Pay attention to the time conditions in product selection

Use appropriate means of transportation according to the cargo

Observe and analyze the behavior of competitors in the market

Determining profit margins due to the high level of competition in the Russian market

Careful storage of products before shipment

Efforts to minimize the shipping time of products

Insert product information on products in Russian and English

Pay attention to the appearance of the packaging and use attractive ideas in the packaging

Avoid sending substandard and grade 2 products

Use business consultants as export guides to this country

Register a company in Russia if required

Food City Moscow Leek Fruit Market

For any export to Russia from Iran, you must first obtain the necessary permits. The procedure for obtaining licenses according to the notification of the Chamber of Commerce of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, under the title of export guide to this country is as follows

In the first stage, the seller must send the information and specifications of the goods and the seller of the goods to the buyer, within the pre-invoice

The goods agreed between the buyer and the seller must be packaged and prepared according to the standards approved by the buyer

The buyer must be aware of the export tariff and refer to the pricing commission to determine the price of the traded goods

If the traded goods are special goods, an export license must be obtained before export. Most goods do not need to be licensed

In the next step, the goods must be transported for customs clearance and an export declaration must be prepared. After checking the goods and sealing the packages, the customs issues a permit for the goods to leave the country

In the next step, the shipment must be insured by a reputable insurance company before being shipped

After this step, the buyer can check the agreed items and make sure they are done

Before sending the goods, the exporter must prepare the sales invoice and the product ID and submit it to the local Chamber of Commerce for approval

Finally, the exporter must deliver the goods to the shipping company for delivery to the country of origin

Export of fruits and vegetables to Russia

In Russia, 10.6% of the food basket is devoted to fruits and vegetables. Each family spends an average of $ 114 a week on food and $ 89 a week in other cities with a population of less than 500,000. The country is heavily dependent on imports of fruits and vegetables. The country’s fruit imports are at their lowest in the summer. In summer, agricultural products are exported to this country, especially fruits and vegetables, from regional markets such as Ukraine, Moldova and the Middle East

Fruit prices in Russia

Due to the fluctuations of the dollar price in Iran and considering that the price of fruit in Russia is regulated based on market supply and demand, the esteemed trader should be aware of the price of fruit in Russia before sending the goods to Russia to avoid losses Prevent possible losses

According to the statistics published in 2018 on import statistics to Russia, to increase the export of agricultural products to Russia, two things should be considered

First, in exporting fruits and vegetables to this country, one should choose a product or products to develop and increase the market share according to the strengths of Iranian fruits and vegetables and the weaknesses of other exporters of these products to this country

Secondly, given the high level of competition in the market for the export of agricultural products to this country, it is necessary to defend the market share of products whose majority market is in the hands of Iranian traders. For example, Iranian pistachios and raisins have a good position in this country. For this reason, the export of these two products can be relatively easier than the export of other dried fruit items

Profit of fruit export and export company to Russia

Today, by using new methods in production and increasing its amount, as well as facilitating the process of exporting agricultural products, many producers and operators of fruit and vegetable production are thinking of exporting their products directly. Profit from fruit exports depends on many factors such as season, destination country, quality of goods, demand, competitiveness with other exporting countries . Many people step in this way simply by seeing the profit of fruit export, which if done without previous experience and non-observance of principles, not only does not benefit the export of fruit, but also causes huge losses

In Iran, there are many companies in the field of export, most of which are operating in the city of Astara as an export company to Russia. By visiting the chambers of commerce, you can access the list of Iranian businessmen in Russia and be able to communicate with them directly