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Especially for Iranian farmers
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Beginning of summer exports from Iran

We will help you to grow in the agricultural industry. This complex has a long history in the field of agriculture, horticulture, greenhouse equipped with various mechanized agricultural equipment in the production of citrus and greenhouse products. It is also one of the leading collections in this large industry.
Export vegetables
بادمجان دلمه ای 1 370x209 - Home
Export of Dolme eggplant to Russia
فلفل کاپی 1 370x209 - Home
Export of Cup Pepper to Russia
خیار ساده 4 370x209 - Home
Export of Cucumber to Russia
گوجه ککتل 370x209 - Home
Export of Cocktail Tomato to Russia
گوجه 370x209 - Home
Export of Beef Tomato to Russia
کلم بروکلی 1 370x209 - Home
Export of Broccoli to Russia
کدو خیاری 2 370x209 - Home
Export of Zucchini to Russia
کاهو رومانو 370x209 - Home
Export of Romano lettuce to Russia
کاهو آیسبرگ 1 370x209 - Home
Export of Iceberg lettuce to Russia
گوجه گیلاسی 3 1 370x209 - Home
Export of Cherry tomatoes to Russia
خیار خاردار 1 370x209 - Home
Export of Barbed cucumber to Russia
خیار مینی 2 1 370x209 - Home
Export of Mini Cucumber to Russia
فلفل فسفری 2 370x209 - Home
Export of Phosphorus Pepper to Russia
colored bell pepper 370x209 - Home
Export of Colored bell peppers to Russia
فلفل شاخی 1 370x209 - Home
Export of Chilli to Russia
Cirtus for export
نارنگی 370x209 - Home
Export of Kino Tangerine to Russia
طالبی بینالود 1 370x209 - Home
Export of Cantaloupe to Russia
نارنگی کارا دیررس 2 1 370x209 - Home
Export of Kara Tangerine to Russia
نارنگی تانجلو میان رس 1 1 370x209 - Home
Export of Tangelo Tangerine to Russia

Export of vegetables and citrus

Especially for Iranian farmers
NSK Company Services

We are the Best

NSK Company intends to become the largest supplier of fruits and vegetables in the region by timely and extensive supply of fruits and vegetables requested in international markets and from the perspective of Beneficiaries, the company becomes the best company for the production, supply and export of fruits and vegetables on national and international scale.
NSK Company Services
We are proud that we have been able to cooperate with big Russian brands and traders and be trusted by international companies in this direction.
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Approved quality of export products

Acquisition of international quality certificates of fruits, export packaging certificates and standard transportation certificates which we have obtained with the great and comprehensive efforts of the managers and staff of the innovative NSK in providing the best export of fruits and vegetables with the best quality to international markets.

Product quality guarantee in export transportation

Especially for Iranian farmers and gardeners
Contact us for advice on exporting summer fruits and vegetables from Iran to Russia.

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